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Main types of treatment

Sas(睡眠時無呼吸症候群) | パレスクリニック 

SAS (Sleep Apnea Syndrome)

SAS (Sleep Apnea Syndrome)

At our hospital, we perform tests and treatments for snoring and sleep apnea syndrome, which is now a hot topic.

Please feel free to contact us if you have been worried about snoring or breathing stopped at night.

We also offer consultation on snoring for children.


SAS screening test

If a person suspected of having SAS visits a medical institution, the test / diagnosis will be performed according to the procedure shown below.


   Simple questionnaire

A specialist will set up a questionnaire survey item for drivers, etc. and carry out the survey. (Including obesity test)


   Polysomnography test (PSG) Simple test

Polysomnography is essential for the definitive diagnosis of sleep apnea and provides an accurate picture of your sleep status. The test items are roughly divided into those that check the respiratory status and those that check the sleep status. After the test, it is analyzed whether it is obstructive or central, and even the severity.


​CPAP treatment

In Europe and the United States, sleep centers have been established in various places since the early 1980s, and SAS medical treatment has been actively conducted there.

A treatment method using a device called CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).


Current status and symptoms of sleep apnea syndrome in children

It is said that 1 to 3% of children develop SAS.

Compared to adults, they are less likely to complain of daytime sleepiness and other symptoms, so they are often overwhelmed.

Most of the causes are caused by enlarged palatine tonsils (so-called tonsils) and adenoids.

Unlike adults, surgical treatment that widens the airways by tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy is the first choice.

In the case of children, instead of drowsiness, concentration is reduced, and there are many states of restlessness and frustration, due to decreased secretion of growth hormone.

There are growth disorders and so on.

In addition, because the chest wall is soft in children, the chest may be abnormally depressed due to the narrowing of the upper airway (funnel chest).

If you have any idea, it is recommended to see a doctor once.

In addition, I often get bedwetting, I have a bad sleep (sitting and sleeping), I have a bad morning wake up,

Symptoms that make you sleepy during the day are also symptoms that suggest your child's sleep apnea syndrome.


Adenoids (lymphatic lines in the back of the throat) and tonsils (the tonsils block the airways) are often the causes of sleep apnea in children, and surgical procedures are the treatment of choice. increase.

In addition, even in adults, surgery is an effective treatment for cases where the cause of airway obstruction, such as adenoids and tonsillar hypertrophy, is clear. Septoplasty Lower concha mucosal resection UPPI LAUP

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